Waste of Air

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Waste of Air LP

Waste of Air


Gimson focuses heavily on societal issues on this debut album with the odd sprinkling of spiritualism through a journey of subharmonic emotions all fighting for attention in a world of deceit and despair.

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He may sound strange at first but Gimson’s delivery is so absorbing that his west country slur soon becomes an afterthought. Gimson, (pronounced like giant, giraffe or gym and not graffiti, grams and garments) is a poetic British Hip Hop artist equipped with a distinctive grainy vocal that brutally cuts through his minimalistic and lo-fi productions. With a depth of imagination that is dark, cold and hard hitting, Gimson's songs are predominantly social commentary consisting of heart breaking tales, dark humour and picturesque imagery that at times teeter along the edges of surrealism.

“I make music to explore my shadow and then repackage that with the political, spiritual and philosophical issues that torment our existence into a deliverable art form”

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22 Dec

Posted by: Gimson | music, video


Watch the first music video taken from my Waste of Air LP now.

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31 Oct

Posted by: Gimson | music, video, Halloween

Happy Halloween

A dark sounding piano sample laced hip hop beat, produced by Rosko and laced with vocals from both Rosko & myself topped off with stunning yet disturbing visuals courtesy of The Candy Farm.

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19 jul

Posted by: Gimson | music, album, trailer

Running Out Of Air

My new album Waste of Air is coming soon. Here is a video teaser.

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