Waste of Air LP


Waste of Air is my debut solo album. It’s pretty much a brutally dark hip hop LP full of doom and gloom.








Miserable Music EP


I am offering you some thought provoking ramblings with my grainy British West Country rap vocals over a 6 track EP that I decided to call Miserable Music. Anger, depression, social awkwardness, narcotics abuse and me generally moaning in the only way I know how is all crammed into this miserable yet beautifully crafted noise.





Untitled EP


Untitled is a straight lo-fi Boom Bap EP produced by Bristols Ded Tebiase and laced with my thick and distinctive British West Country accent. It's an album filled with deep rhymes whether personal or observational touching an array of subjects such as human interactions, dwindling relations, societal issues, mental health, politics, money and materialism. All that depressing shit that enables music to connect with you on a more personal level



Before The Shit Hits The Fan (Mixtape)


"Before The Shit Hits The Fan" volume 1 is my debut release on Crudely Cut Records. I had built up a collection of songs on my hard drive over the space of about a year so I decided to compile them into a mixtape and share it prior to the release of my Ded Tebiase produced EP - Untitled EP.



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